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Half ass range report:

Finally made it to the range early this morning with my OG IZZY DSA FAL.....

Arrived at 6:15am trying to beat the weekend crowds and the wind.....beat the crowds but not the winds: 35mph gust.

Set up at 50 yards with lead sled and was shooting 1980's Malaysian surplus ammo with a Moses mag; gas setting on 6 as received from DSA. Cases were ejected on average from 6-8 FT.

Case damage was light scratches and dings on body and neck damage.

Shot 60 rounds with zero feed problems but it was shooting 12" low. Like a dumbass I forgot my front sight adjustment tool so couldn't adjust.

Hopefully will get back to the range next week and fine tune it for a better report!!
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Mine and few others have also shot a foot low or so. It appears to be a common them. Hopefully your front site can be screwed in more. I went to shortening my site by grinding because it was already bottomed out.
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Originally Posted by farmer-dave View Post
. I went to shortening my site by grinding because it was already bottomed out.
Personally I think need of this is pretty disturbing. I've never built an FAL and I don't know about the nuances of all the different variants of parts but it sounds like the wrong front sight post is being used on some of these rifles if you can't sight it in without grinding it down something is pretty far out of tolerance or spec.

I too was shooting way under my target at a hundred yards the one time I took my SG out. Didn't have a tool to adjust so I just figured I'd tweak it next time I get to the range.
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