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Colt HBAR A2 stock looking really dull

The A2 stock of my Colt HBAR has resided in a garage cabinet for many years. It looks very dull and slightly gray. Is there any thing I can apply to it to perk up the look but not make it sticky or slippery?
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Rub some Ballistol on it.
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Southern 7.62
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Get it wet; rain, sweat, or garden hose. Rub with any type of gun oil. Yes, it will cause dust to stick easier. Repeat entire process as needed and it will be blacker and shinier in no time. If it's slippery after, just apply more water, and wipe it down with a lent free cloth.
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Novus plastic polish. Buy trial size kit and can remove anything from scratches to removing the haze from headlights of car or motorcycle windshield. I buy the big jugs but have a trial size kitso can refill in saddle bag of every motorcycle for field issues while away from home. Use it on everything plastic, acrylic or polymer.
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Old May 24, 2019, 14:33   #5
Wacky D
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Mother's Back to Black works-it's made to restore faded black automotive plastics, works great on old AR furniture. As a bonus you can use it on your car.
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> Dirt
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Old May 26, 2019, 00:34   #7
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We rubbed dirt, sand, sweat and face camo into them stock in the field, and scrubbed with CLP and wiped down until the arms room would finally f$&#ing take the rifles so we could be released to take a shower, eat real food, get hammered, and hopefully get laid!

Sorry about your grey dried out stock. That sucks.

Seriously though, the stocks were flat black/grey as new. Years of service made tat furniture shiny, while the metal was hammered and worn. A shiny furniture set on a shiny new looking rifle is somewhat of a oxymoron, but the collectors love it.
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