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Glock 30SF

Trigger works in lower. Glock trigger won't with slide attached.
Please help
I have replaced most parts.
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This is usually caused by the trigger not moving far enough back to release the striker and then disconnect the trigger bar.

1)Is it really a large frame trigger bar?

2)Is it a stock trigger, trigger bar, and connector?

3)Do you have an over travel stop on the ejector housing, aftermarket trigger with reduced over travel, or an over travel stop on the connector? These need to be adjusted to have some amount of over travel or as things wear they can stop the trigger from working.

4) Does the trigger work with the striker removed from the slide? If yes then the trigger bar is not traveling far enough back to let go of the striker and disconnect.

All I can think of off the top of my head with just trigger not working with slide on. Others will probably want a better description of how it is acting when not working.

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AND ???

What happened ?

My only question is what was done to it just before this symptom showed?
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