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Khemi, Stygia
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-06 3rd string backup dies

Here, I found these in -06 at the LGS. Top one is a Lyman full-length. The next two, as far as I can tell from looking at pictures on the net, are CH Tool & Die, sold by Herter's. I don't actually remember Herter's, but I understand they were the original outdoor superstore before Cabela's and them.

Anyway, they are another full-length sizer and a seater with the window. I thought the seater had been modified by somebody, but lgs told me it was made that way.

They all seem to work fine. These are my 3rd string dies, cuz you can never have enough -06 dies for shtf.

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I have sets of Herter's dies from way back then...

The open-sided bullet seating die was a standard item, using collets for the case shoulder/neck to allign the buller while seating (and you could see it being seated). These dies work very well indeed...

If you loaded lots of different cartridges, you could buy one bullet seating die body and separate collets (for much less money than a complete die) for each cartridge.

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Khemi, Stygia
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^ Thanks.
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Those seating dies were used a many a competition shooter bacfk in the day for the reasons stated above. C-H and Herters were state of the art premium reloading equipment before RCBS and Lee got into making less expensive versions.
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Those old Herter's catalogs were chock full of good STUFF!!

Took near as long to look over as Sears Roebuck.

Mauser Barreled actions, stocks, and whole rifles. Real WOOL blankets and tons of Fly tying-fishing equipment, rod blanks, cement, ferules and all. Waist Sonic bullets and all the "Perfect" items.

Archery, make it yourself and factory stuff.

I was doing stocks then, French Red stain and filler along with Belgian Leige finish were favorites. Brownell's still sells the French Red I believe.

If you find an old Herter catalog for cheap, some good reading.

eta: You're right Mebs, one cannot have too many Mighty-06 dies. I think I have at least three, Pacific, RCBS, Bonaza Bench Rest, Full length & Neck Sizer, M Die Expanders for Cast boolits et all.
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