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Squirrel Invasion

Have four pecan trees at home and four at work, odd how that worked out. Because of the pecans and squirrel mostly unchecked it's a challenge to keep them out of house and work. House is brick with metal roof and work is concrete with metal roof but they always seem to find ways to infiltrate and hide pecans in attics. Used to keep count and every year would shoot over 300 at work before lost count and over 100 at home. Neighbors help some around the house as do feral cats and coyote.

At home have learned range of my match grade 10/22's so soon as realize opened the door they go for treeline at lake fast as possible but now I don't bother with rimfire and just bring 30 grain Varmint Grenades for the 22 Hornets up by the 100 count box. If they pause in sight they get zapped. Have motion sensors for alarms in attics at work and house. Best way to attack structures with alarms and real locks is come through roof and drop in ceiling plus can often get access to alarm wires. Somehow they have gotten in attic of shop and can't find point of entry so after two false alarms have the attic motions shunted till get issue fixed.

Today unlocked shop and spent first hour in front office on computer. Later went back through shop and heard commotion to see three squirrels running in circles freaking out when turned lights on. All ran in paint booth so closed door and went to get my 22 caliber pellet rifle. Opened door and one was on top of a Harley Davidson frame chattering at me so shot it in chest which caused it to jump and run to corner. Closed door and went to get a target 10/22 that use with 40 grain subsonic target ammo.

I shoot hundreds of squirrel per year with Aguila 60 grain Sniper Subsonic and most die instantly. Shot first with the 40 grain sub right above shoulder and he turned a flip then ran. Shot another up its @$$ and it ran, used to the 60 grain subs dropping them from 50 to 75 yards and the 40's were just wounding them at 10 to 20 feet. All I can figure is they were so pumped with adrenaline didn't realize were supposed to die. Shot third in head which did work but exiting bullet busted a light bulb as spray booth has lots of lights. Went to find the wounded pair which both backed up to wall and with muzzle just a few feet away (had to point shoot as scope would not focus) the point blank range shots just sent them running in a tizzy again. Two shots in each and running leaking blood everywhere so closed the door then went back in 20 minutes and cleaned up the remains.

Now it's war, since the have gotten smart at work and learned to cross property line past rimfire range when I come out looks like I am going to have to thread a 22 magnum or Hornet for a can. Called animal control just for grins to see if they would do anything but said they couldn't to call a pest removal service to trap them. Going to suppress a bigger 22 caliber and try poison as sick of them. Used to be fun diversion to shoot a few squirrel per day but now they are in the building and am going to go Kujo on them. Any ideas of how to kill squirreloading in mass? If shoot a dozen today a dozen more will take their place tomorrow. TwO sides of property adjoins city limits where no shooting is allowed. My building is city as well as neighbor next door and across street but can't shoot across the road. Need a way to kill them wholesale.
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Like you said, if you kill them, others will take their place.
A small dog (like a terrier) may be your best bet, as the squirrels will quickly learn to avoid a predator.
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maybe try those rat bait traps they put out by the loading docks at warehouse stores?
if you put them up in your trees shouldn't be a threat to your dog or other ground based critters.
I put bait blocks on my roof last year and got rid of a family of coons (and some squirrels)that were gnawing the shingles something fierce
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kill the food and they will leave. Chainsaw time.
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Yesterday our boxer killed a squirrel and left it laying in the driveway behind the house.

An hour or so later I happened to be looking out the window and a hawk flew in and carried it off.

Squirrel dead. No body to dispose of.

Buy a boxer and a hawk

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I hate squirrels, they drive the dogs nuts and keep them barking. I don't have so many that I cant control them with my .410 pump, but I can imagine building a trap that would just keep dumping them in a cage. Then throw the badass cat in there to finish them off. Frank (the cat) hates them too. He likes to leave chunks on the porch to validate his existence.
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