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Kathleen Robb
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Rubber Bullets

Where can I get primer powered rubber bullets .45 cal. online? I am having a hard time locating any. I have the brass already, just need the rubber. They are great for target practice in the workshop and some other things. Thank you for any suggestions.

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I think I read some where that hot glue sticks can be cut to length and loaded as bullets. Never tried it though. I also seem to remember a company that that made plastic cases and bullets, maybe Speer? I bet someone over at cast boolits - knows.
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The large glue sticks work great. Accurate to at least 30 ft and will go through sheet rock.
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Old Salt
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I think that you have to drill out the flash holes in the cases for best performance with polymer bullets and then cases can only be used for that, but I could be wrong.
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Used to make wax bullets to fire out of a primed case by punching through a sheet of wax with a case like a cookie cutter.
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Just buy a few boxes of the Speer plastic cases and plastic bullets and just have to push out a primer, push the plastic bullet back in case and carry on. Use them all the time in my tactical training courses. Amazing how well some people can shoot right up until start popping them in the torso or thighs with plastic bullets as they try to engage a series of threats on a IPSC or IDPA type course. This has to be done very carefully to keep someone from getting hurt but if the distraction of a plastic bullet that leaves a small bruise stops them on the course what would taking a non lethal round do to them.

When I trained under a sensei had one day a week we had to take a head to toe beating from lead trainer. First was to make you tougher and second to keep a solid strike from causing you to stop fighting. Buddy and I put on our armor and a face shield abut once a month and each get a wheel gun loaded with Speer plastic bullets and two speed loaders each then run a course on each other. Nothing like a dynamic course of fire where have a thinking human shooting at you instead of cardboard and steel waiting to get shot. We set up a two way course with hostages, civilians and bad guys then play the game to see who hits more bad guys while shooting at each other as move from barricades and cover. Dumb??? Maybe until one of us ends up in a real gunfight.
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Bwana John
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44 caliber glue sticks, cut into little wadcutters, powered by a magnum large rifle primer, with the flash hole on the 45 acp case drilled out to 1/8" .

Cut the "wadcutters" long enough to stick out of the case 1/8" when fully seated into the case with thumb pressure

Shoots to "minute of dog bowl" with poi = poa @ 50 ft.

Manually working the slide they feed from the magazine on M1911

Penetrates 7 layers of cardboard point blank.

Projectile shatters at temperatures less than 35° f, and could have almost total elastic rebound at temps greater than 80° f.

Careful there, it can shoot yer eye out!

For more power drill out the primer pocket for #209 shotgun primers.
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