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Sprinfield 03-A3

cleaning out the safe an unearthed this 03-A3. super clean barrel with crisp rifling. barrel measures 19.5'' and over all its measures 38 1/4'' .. whoever cut it down did an excellent job. almost looks like it rolled off of the assembly line. I dont know much about Springfields so what exactly am i looking at here? from what i gather its a late model turned sporter but i want to make sure before i put it back away. serial # is in the 3.5 million range.

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It's nice. Somebody shortened the stock, bbl and handguard. I love 1903s and A3s. They are brutal to shoot though.
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Can't say that I've seen one like that before but it looks well-done. I don't think I'd be scrambling to shoot that thing off of a bench anytime soon though.
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I wish I had so many in my safe that I could just "unearth" forgotten rifles like buried treasure!
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Looks like someone tried to build a "Tanker" and did a nice job of it. The bad part is to restore it you're going to have a small pile of money invested just in an original barrel and wood. At least they didn't drill & tap the receiver or any such foolishness. Wouldn't really call it a sporter since it still retains all of it's GI parts. If it was mine I'd leave it as is and enjoy it.
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Iíve built one of those with spare parts before. That one looks like someone took an original rifle and did it. And they did a beautiful job! It will spit fire from that short a barrel, but oddly, mine balances really nice!
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March or April of 1943 for the receiver.

To me, it looks like a perfect candidate for reduced cast bullet loads.
What a beauty, I really like it, and the *sporterizer* made super clean work of it.
I'm sure it would be an accurate and enjoyable pussycat to fire with some gas checked, 30 cal. boolits, anywhere from 165 to 220 grains.

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