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Man Jumped From Balcony Gripping Package of Automatic Glock "Pistol Switches"

Forgive the ignorance on this one guys, I knew there were homebrew and come CII glock conversions, but are these "switches" made by Glock?

Man Jumped From Balcony Gripping Package of Automatic Pistol Switches

A Chicago man authorities say vaulted from a balcony holding a package of “switches” used to convert Glock handguns into fully-automatic weapons during a raid is now held on $50,000 bond.

Devante Murphy, 26, of the 8900 block of South Union Avenue, was charged Wednesday with “unlawful use of a weapon/machine gun-automatic weapon.”

Investigators received information from Homeland Security Investigators that a package containing two of the automatic converter switches addressed to a residence in Calumet City were intercepted at a postal facility, the Cook County sheriff’s department said. A search warrant was executed in the 400 block of Burnham Avenue in Calumet City by Sheriff’s police, HIS and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service after the package was delivered to that address.

Murphy took off from the building during the raid, authorities said, jumping from a balcony while still holding the package of full-auto switches.

After a short chase, authorities apprehended Murphy and recovered the switches, they said
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Yes, that's a select fire conversion.

Without the button, would be full auto only.

Trip deactivates disconnect on trigger reset.

Those are very nice, but probably not a glock part as the markings would suggest

I have one I made as a post sample, but really, after a couple mags, the excitement diminished and its impracticality became apparent.
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John A
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Deviant Murphy sounds like a real Darwin candidate.
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V guy
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ATF is looking for these devices, ACTIVELY.

I never heard of these devices as I will never own a Glock, but a friend told me that some guy he worked with got a visit from the ATF; the Feds intercepted one, destined for him, coming off a boat.

I suspect postal inspectors, more than the customs deal.

Ignore the ATF at your peril.

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The whole thing seems a little strange.
Most street criminals have a Hi-Point but call it a Glock. They simply don't know the difference but now they want to convert a Glock to full auto? It's been my experience that the average criminal isn't very smart and doesn't have the motivation or money to do much with firearms.

How did it get discovered? I would think someone could easily hide it in the mail. This seems more like a sting operation to me
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