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Awesome. I know it might not have felt like it at times, but it was! It's also good to know you are actually human. You had us all wondering for awhile.

Did I tell you how torn up Trevor was after Saturday when he saw you finished only 4 minutes behind him? I may have pointed out to him that you were carrying more weight than he was too (by %). He was most definitely feeling you breathing down his neck. How does it make you feel to know you intimidated an honest to god big bad Special Forces top level competitor?

Hell - I did the slackline hundreds of times in my yard. With gear, without gear - no issues. But after running 4 miles it was completely different. I barely made it across myself!

I'm sorry about your hair. The barbed wire will be fixed in the future with reinforced frames so it won't sag QUITE so low. When you and I have trouble getting under it, there's an issue. Those poor big guys had no chance!

I also tanked Stage 5, and my pistol sights were fine. Like before, I practice SHO and WHO a lot. And worked on the 50yd shot. But after two 16hr work days with little sleep and 4 miles of run (and that damn slackline wearing my arms out!) I guess I was just spent. I kept jerking the trigger and finished the stage at something like 35% of the winner.

You know what I loved though? As much as it didn't feel great, you got across the slackline. And so did Mel and Heather (Shane's wife). I didn't see the other ladies, but I have a feeling they did too from what I saw them do other places. And SO MANY of the men did not.

If you finished feeling awesome then I have not made the course hard enough. You crushed this course, Kelly - be proud!
"The way is in training." - Miyamoto Musashi
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