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Para Fal Price

I am here visiting family in Minnesota went to the Owatonna Cabelas I got to hold a really nice PARA FN FAL, i'm sure you were all saying what do you mean "hold" but considering I come from California (yecchh) that is about all I can do and I was happy just to do that one of my dreams always wanted one of those .
My question is this I know very little about these just a few basics the lower receiver was marked made in Belgium at FN, on the upper just said something else and I can't remember what it said but it wasn't made at FN. it had standard black plastic furniture on it and the folding stock, and a magazine inserted.
Please don't flame me if I'm using the wrong terminology as far as upper and lower's just describing what I could see. The thing the got me the most was the $4000 they're asking for it, but since it did say made in Belgium at FN is that a good price or bad price ? I just don't know. It was in there fine gun room so maybe that price is completely OK again I just don't know so hopefully some of the experts out there could let me know

Thanks and I was happy just to hold one for a few minutes for now anyway.
Wish I had bought one when I had the chance!
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All depends on the condition, importer and type. $4K is not uncommon but it better be a nice one
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Old September 20, 2017, 14:00   #3
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Para is still available. Looks like a later 50.61 on a FNH type 3 receiver. Has both Steyr and Gun South import markings. Aftermarket DSA picatinny dust cover.

Here's the link:
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Old September 20, 2017, 17:28   #4
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I have a FN 50.63 you can own and still live within California state but I'm sure you know you can't own and or possess a 50.61 or 50.64 they are both named in Roberti roos aw ban.

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Type 3 50.61 should go for maybe $2800 - 3000, +/- depending on condition, of course. $4k is possible if the rifle is unfired or LN and the buyer is really hungry. IMHO that's too high, though, at least in my AO.
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