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Strap-on question

Now I got your attention, I have a plastic toolbox in my car that is small enough I can carry but seems to be big enough to carry enough tools to remove and tear down engines and sometime transmissions off a few European car brands (it has been invaluable with a VW vanagon, Mercedes tubodiesel, Saab, and so on). I need suggestions for strapping it inside my trunk, in the shelf just behind the rear seat so it does not smashes itself around. So, where can I get some straps? I thought on something like the straps used to hold a scuba tank onto the BC since they are wide and hopefully would distribute the load nicely. But, I am open for suggestions.
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RG Coburn
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I probably use ratchet straps over cam straps,like you find on dive vests. The harder part will be finding attachment points inside your trunk. You might have to install eyes or loops.
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How about a couple of M16 silent slings?

I also found a company on eBay that makes Velcro strapping in any size needed.

Otherwise rope or ratchet straps.
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Not that's not very nice. Here I thought I was gonna be entertained right here on the Files instead of heading having to head over to my fav Porn site but once again my hopes have been dashed.

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Old April 22, 2018, 21:16   #5
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I used to use those big rubber bungee cords with the S hooks on the ends and never had a problem.
I secured a 60 pound tool box and a 90 pound 1-1/2 ton (back then, they call it 3 ton now) floor jack with those and no troubles.
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J. Armstrong
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I would opt for a couple of ratchet straps. Maybe ditch the end hooks and instead thread the strap loops over some permanently installed eyes or hooks.
Regular flat straps ( a la M16 slings ) always seem to be impossible to get tight enough and work loose from there. The bungees aren't a bad idea, though, except that I always end up with one coming loose and whacking or hooking my hand when I'm trying to pull them tight.
If you could fabricate a low sided tray or other means of preventing the box from moving horizontally, the straps could be much lighter - in fact that would seem to make the bungee idea quite easy and practical.
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Maybe just install some Magnetic Strips?
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Old April 23, 2018, 09:13   #8
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Look for some military surplus ammo can carriers, they come in different sizes and have good straps to hold the ammo cans down. Bolt it to your vehicle and use the strap to hold the toolbox. I use several different size ones on my M416 trailer to hold tools and spare parts in anywhere from 50 cal to 40mm ammo cans.
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Battery box strap
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Old April 23, 2018, 11:04   #10
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I think I'd build a small frame to slide it into, out of 2x4s or whatever. have the frame on 3 sides with a securing strap across the back.

If you're going to put something with that much mass that high in your vehicle you don't want it to become a missile in the event of an emergency stop or accident, as the rear seats are likely not anchored well enough to stop such things.

The frame would be easy to build, IT would be secured to the vehicle, and you'd simply slide the box into it and secure it on the backside, rather than trying to find multiple anchoring points for straps or bungees or whatever.
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