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[QUOTE=21HK;4520436]Took these today. I figured at least I'd have a couple photos if anyone needed to identify the charred remains. While it has been debunked that cell phones won't cause a fire while filling up, I personally don't do it and keep my distance if I see someone using their phone while pumping gas.

...especially through a funnel.QUOTE]

Timestamp 1994. Location USS George Washington , somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.

Aircraft fueler has pants soaked in JP5. Told by several to go change before he sits down to eat. Subject says quote "I was told they use JP5 here because it's hard to get it to ignite. Here, I'll show you." Subject takes out lighter, holds it to JP5 wet dungarees. Subject quickly comes to understand operation of an antique oil lamp wick. Subject becomes what we in medical refer lovingly to as a "screaming class bravo fire." Medivac helo flies him to Bethesda, MD, later transferred to Brooks Army Base Burn Unit.

"Stupid is as stupid does Missus Blue..."
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Originally Posted by jhend170 View Post
I am convinced it's Darwinian. We are actively breeding common sense out of the species. Just look at the Dumbokrats, snowflakes, BLM, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum.
Good movie about the decline of intelligence in this country

Or this ...
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"Only two things are infinite. The universe, and human stupidity. And I am not sure about the former."

- Albert Einstein
Don't spread our wealth around, spread our work ethic.........
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