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bolt hold open issue M1A

Replaced the bolt catch.
Still does not want to keep bolt back.
Could this be telling me op rod spring needs replaced?
Finicky with magazine which I think is Korean-no markings.
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Old January 01, 2018, 02:22   #2
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Try a CMI mag before you do anything. They can be found for around $20.
I don't know of many Korean mags that are good for anything.
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Plenty of possibilities.

Receiver geometry, bad bolt lock, bolt lock spring weak,mag follower out of spec.
Should not be caused by op rod spring.
Most likely is the mag follower. Even CMI have had poor followers on some mags.
Some receivers need material removed from the top of the lock opening so it can raise far enough to function properly.
You will know when you hit the right combination. Good luck.

Semper Fi
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Old January 01, 2018, 20:46   #4
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my guess would be the mag followers. Did you try with a mag empty. Sarco has usgi followers... but if it were me I ditch the Korean and get some other alternative mags
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Korean mags are guilty until proven innocent

Ask me about the Mason-Dixon FAL Collectors Association.
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Originally Posted by W.E.G. View Post
Korean mags are guilty until proven innocent
yup, ......
Far better it is to dare mighty things,
than to take refuge with those timid spirits
that know neither victory, nor defeat.
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