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Do I need an EIN number??

My father passed a few months ago. He named me executor in the will. His small estate has gone through probate. The attorney said that I need an EIN number. he has nothing that will generate income after his death. Do I really need one as long as I pay all the bills and half is estate with my sister? She's a real bitch that's the reason for the attorney.
Just making sure the EIN is necessary.
I hate registering anything with the IRS. You can post here or PM me. Thanks Jim

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That's funny. My sister is a real bitch too. I thought my situation was unique

I thought an SS number was the same as an EIN number if you're an individual.
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What you need is a different attorney.

If you are not inheriting a business and running it with employees or attempting to purchase materials tax free then I can not see any purpose in obtaining an "Employer Identification Number".

Just my 2 cents, but find a different attorney and a different sister.
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If there are Estate Taxes due, OR if a Federal Tax Return is necessary from the Estate without tax due, a EIN makes sense.

The Estate is the entity, not you.

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If there are assets like a bank account in his name only it will have to be transferred into an account titled to his estate prior to distribution. You will need an EIN for that.

Is there a house that is going to be sold or otherwise re-titled? You will need an EIN for the 1099.

If the estate is not generating income keep track of the expenses and run it at a loss. You might be able to transfer the loss to your income taxes when it is closed out.
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