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Originally Posted by hkshooter View Post
Unlike Mark, I am willing hate someone. And I spent lots of effort loving to hate that asshole. It's been said hate suggests some sort of passion. Ok, I loved to hate that fugger to death. He was worth it.
While I understand where you are coming from, for me it's more practical. I only have so much energy in any given day. I wish to exert that energy on things that either please me directly (satisfaction in accomplishment), or stuff I don't want to do, but consider myself duty-bound to accomplish (satisfaction of ego, for doing the necessary but undesired tasks). To dilute that energy with emotional exertion that has no tangible upside, makes no sense to me.

That is how I interpret the concept of forgiveness.

Person A wrongs person B. Person A apologizes and commits to avoid repeating the wrong. Person B can "forgive" them in this context. While not completely wiping the slate clean, for subconsciously, person B cannot completely erase the experience, it is a positive thing for both to move on.

Person A wrongs person B. Person A is gleeful in the wrong, and asserts they will continue to do so, and maybe even expand the wrong. How can person B forgive that?

In the Christian Mythology, one might think that Person B has some religious duty to forgive. But what exactly does that mean? In this context, I believe it is less about person A, but in the mental wellness of person B. If person B is overwhelmed with the wrong, to the point where it affects his ability to function normally in other aspects of their life, then person A is maintaining indirect power over person B. If person B "forgives" them, it is the psychological equivalent of putting the wrong in a box and sticking it on some back shelf in the garage. It's still there, but it's not on the kitchen counter to constantly remind him of it.

Another reason I have no interest in "hating" anyone, is that I refuse to let another take emotional control of me. That I may despise and revile them, and hold them in total contempt, doesn't keep them on my kitchen counter. In a similar way, I despise liver and beets - they may come to mind if I see them in the store, but I don't carry them around with me, just to remind myself of how much I despise them.

So no, I simply haven't the energy to hate anyone. But that does not mean I cannot obtain some degree of satisfaction when I learn that they have received their just deserts.
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Since this thread is the product of a "ghost", it appears and then vanishes for no reason. So, prevent further emotional distress and upheaval of the masses"

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