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D. Short
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Purchased Ammo at Auction, Need Help w/ID

Purchased "two heavy boxes" at an auction. The ORM sticker on the side intrigued me. Got home and opened one of the boxes. The wooden boxes had been painted over, so no markings to go by there. When I opened the corner of the metal inner container, found loose packed ammo. Headstamp markings are "1951 7.9 4 and a small round marking(?)". I'm guessing 8mm Mauser??? Without pulling out everything and counting, do you know how many rounds inside? Value?
Thanks guys!!
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Chinese 8mm Mauser is my guess and 900-1000rds.
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Can you post a photo of the headstamp ?
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Looks like the crate my Yugo 7.92 came in.
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Back in the late 80's a buddy of mine acquired several dozen tins of Chinese 7,92 ball. A lot of corroded rounds and many split case necks. All was dated 1951 with a couple tins of 1952 date. It was all 155 grain steel copper washed jacketed bullets and brass cased. It was rather hot loaded ammo. Not safe in semiauto rifles from my experiance with it. My buddy and I broke down thousands of these rounds. Powder approximated IMR 3031. Any bullets salvageable he sold for a nickel each. I had several 30 cal cans of those bullets for years...they reloaded just fine. The bullets had a heavy crimp and a pronounced concave base on the bullet. No heat treat colors on the case necks whatsoever.
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