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Originally Posted by ExCdnSoldierInTx View Post
J hit it on the head again, I'm ashamed to say.

I'm a soldier of the Cold War, when the FAL was king and the Soviets were the enemy.
The ragheads were keeping the Soviets busy in some far away sand pit called Afghanistan, and we cheered them on.
Except when they blew up our guys in Beirut and in other places.
We were too stupid to see the truth. Just like now.
We bought the Party Line fed to us, yet in the next breath wondered how the Russians could be so stupid to buy into theirs.

I bought the Party Line on 9/11, right up until the moment the panzers rolled across the Iraqi frontier. Then I knew I'd been had.


Hard, cold look at reality right there.
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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
There are exceptions to every rule.

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Originally Posted by Story View Post

I did say exception(S)!
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