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Some noob 'metal modification' questions

Hi All-

Wasn't sure if I should ask about this stuff here or in the gunsmithing section.

Questions involve some old Ruger P90's, and some possible mods to them. I am not a gunsmith or metallurgist, just a noob trying to learn some more stuff.

1) Was curious, is it even possible to weld/fill up, the "Encyclopedia Legalica"
on the side of the lower frame. I've read that it is some kind of aluminum alloy, that is then hard anodized.

2) As for the top end, was thinking about modifying the sights to something different, maybe and older style S&W adjustable in the rear, and a Patridge/gold bead in the front. Is the Ruger metal consistent enough to allow for such milling (no casting voids to break through into).

3) What would be the correct way to polish out the parting lines on say the trigger and hammer, as well as the big "Ruger P90" on the slide.

4) Any thoughts on if the guide rods could be duplicated, but in steel? The aluminum ones sure seem to be gouged alot.

If none of these mods are possible, that's ok. I've never done any milling/polishing/mods on anything, just wondering what is even possible.

It all might sound really weird, but had thoughts of 'backdating' the appearance of these...sort of like an old commercial Colt- a really nice polished blued finish, no stupid 'safety/legal' markings, some nice wood grips, and some old style sights.

I guess the appearance I'm thinking of, if the P90 had been made in say, 1946-1966, instead of the 1990's.

Again, if none of this is possible, that's ok. Thanks for listening.
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Ruger has been casting and using MIM products for years. You just have to assume that any welding done would be on cast metal. MIM metal I do not believe can be welded, IIRC. Welding cast metal (aluminum or steel) often takes specialized welding equipment and skills (TIG) versus your standard garage buzz box. Plus, any welding of a significant amount (your example) would most like introduce so much heat to the base metal that the finished part would have to be re-heat treated.

Sight installation can often be done using simple machining techniques and is not metal type sensitive. Finding the desired front and rear sights then machining dovetails or slots to fit is a standard job for a full service gun shop.
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