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new Republican tax plan repeals the Johnson Amendment

I missed this ........ it is important to understand that repealing the Johnson Amendment will allow what our founding fathers intended with the First Amendment to the Constitution

WASHINGTON The Republican tax bill unveiled Thursday repeals a longstanding law that prohibits tax-exempt churches and religious groups from taking political stances.

Known as the Johnson Amendment, it stipulates that churches and religious groups are not permitted to endorse candidates and back political efforts while maintaining a tax-exempt status. Under the new bill released Thursday morning, churches would not be penalized "solely because of the content of any homily, sermon, teaching, dialectic, or other presentation made during religious services or gatherings," according to the text.
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RG Coburn
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So now,black churches can legally endorse democrats?
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Acquisition Corp Dude
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Catholics and Dumbocrats are going to have a real meeting of the minds.

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Old December 09, 2017, 10:14   #4
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The Johnson Amendment has always been a violation of Separation of Church & State.

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V guy
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Churches used to be the focal point of a community outside of newspapers, hangings and trials.

The Churches helped the Civil War along, and all other wars, up to Vietnam.

Churches today are pretty much for believers only. I don't think anything will change, as people do not want to be lectured to anymore, especially snowflakes or libs.

Libs have their own niche churches with Gay/TG and female Priests saying that the countries laws are all wrong, and free speech is a hate crime.
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