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Info on handguard and stock

I have a handguard and stock that came off a Brit kit I sold long ago. Whats the value on this? I'm trying to decide if I should use it on my next build or post it in the MP.


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My personal opinion, I'd keep them. I could tell you what they might run, market price wise, and I can tell you what I'd give you for them (maybe), but in the end you have to realize these sorts of items (especially in that nice of condition) are becoming more and more rare as the days wear on...just ask Paul Dees how many sets of solid handguards--even Aussie ones--he's had pass thru his hands these days, vs days past. They are your items, sell or keep em to your contentment...but I would keep them, were I in your shoes...

That said, as soon as I'm done typing this, I will be sending you a PM with some more photo requests, etc...please stand by sir...
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Keep them, damn hard to locate in that condition any more.
Add a nice pistol grip, which can be had, and you're all set.
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