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Bula Defense Systems Black Friday specials

Bula Defense Systems has some amazing Black Friday Specials they are offering on the M14Forum in the Vendors area. I just ordered a couple of XM21 barreled actions in 6.5 Creedmoor. Goes on until Wednesday so I may see it I can locate more scratch.
They had some M14 type standard forged receivers for $395. One gent ordered 4 of them. Fantastic prices for a great product for any of you builders out there.

Added from their notes.

We’ve got a few twists for our Black Friday offerings this year. New products, special pricing and inventory cleanup are the plan. First off, we are cleaning up our inventory of older receivers. These receivers are all new, though some have been barreled at some point for shows, displays or other events. These are obviously first come first serve. I’m pretty certain there haven’t been forged receivers offered at this pricing before. The price for these is $395 + actual shipping. These are NOT seconds or rejects. Here are the available receivers:
Bula Defense Traditional M14: 8, 9, 5012, 5015, 5016, 5017, 5023 (rear lug), 5129, TFL54, TFL55
XM21 # 126
Rockola # 1222
M21DMR # 6024

New receivers:
M14 traditional receiver - $495 + actual shipping
XM21 receiver - $495 + actual shipping
M21DMR - $595 + actual shipping

Next are 7.62MM barreled receivers.
Traditional M14 receiver with either a 19.25” or 22” USGI profile. $750 + actual shipping cost
XM21 receiver with 18” NM profile XM barrel (9/16-24 muzzle threads) $750 + actual shipping cost
M21DMR with either a 19.25” or 22” medium weight NM profile barrel. $795 + actual shipping cost
These are barreled, headspaced and in stock ready to ship.

Here are our latest new products being launched at this sale for the first time. We have 3 versions of 6.5 Creedmoor barreled receivers available. These are all $995 + actual shipping cost. These will be shipping the week of December 12th.
- XM21 with 20” NM profile 6.5 Creedmoor barrel that has a 9/16-24 muzzle thread and shoulder.
- M14 traditional receiver with a 22” medium weight NM profile barrel with standard .595-32 muzzle threads marked “6.5 NM” near the muzzle
- M21DMR (both iron sights and integrated scope rail) with 22” medium weight NM profile barrel with standard .595-32 muzzle threads marked “6.5 NM” near the muzzle
The heels are marked per below:




We know many of you will want to purchase parts kits with your barreled receivers or for barreled receivers you already own. We do not have sufficient parts kits available due to the much than higher expected demand for the James River Armory rifles currently selling through Classic Firearms. We expect our inventory to be recovered by the end of the year and will offer special parts kit pricing at that time.
- Traditional M14 parts kit including all parts required to finish your M14 / M21DMR build except barrel, bolt, receiver and stock. $695 (Includes new commercial rear sight assembly and new commercial flash hider)
- XM21 parts kit including all parts required to finish your XM21 parts kit except barrel, bolt, receiver and stock $595 (Includes 9/16-24 threaded CNC warrior muzzle brake and crush washer).
As a manufacturer and not a retail establishment, running this sale is a bit different than what many of us are used to. We do not have an internet “store front”, just a phone and a few dedicated employees. The sale is live at this time and will run through next Wednesday. Our hours are today until 4:30EST and Monday through Wednesday of next week from 8:00AM — 4:30PM EST. Please call and ask for Pam. She will be able to answer most questions and take your order. She will also work with you to get your FFL information. Thank you all for your business and continued support. We understand there may be other configurations folks want, but these limitations in options represent the majority of what people want and ensure we can ship in a timely manner. I will be keeping an eye on this thread to answer any questions that come up throughout the weekend and update inventory on the limited available receivers. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and to your families. God Bless.

Bula Defense

Semper Fi

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