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Anyone use Gadsen Dynamics Chest Rigs?

Has anyone used the Underground Partisan Chest Rig from Gadsen Dynamics for their .308 mags? I contacted the company asking for dimensions but was told the mag pouches fit most current 7.62/.308 mags. This makes me think AR10 and M1A/M14. I am wondering if they will fit FAL and G3 mags without too much trouble as well.
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It looks like the pouches are elastic, a la Blue Force Gear's offerings (which I use). AR-10, FAL, and G3 mags will fit fine. HK-417 mags are longer, so that might not work, but I doubt you'll encounter that problem.
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I picked up a Wasp Rig this past weekend at Rockcastle. I haven't worn it on a hike yet, but it is easily the most comfortable chest rig I've found to date. The pouch on it does fit FAL and AR10 mags, so I'm guessing that it's the same size as the other chest rig pouches. Fun fact, it actually holds a subcompact pistol really nicely as well.
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