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What do I have

I bought a fn fal new years ago and was offered $ 2500.00 for it but i don't know what i have. It has 308 match on one side receiver and FABRIQUE NATIONALE HERSTAL Made in BELGIUM gun south inc. trussville al. serial number 25031xx . Bolt has same last 5 numbers.
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That gun is worth more than 2500.

Just guessing, but it sounds like you have a (like?) new Belgian-made FN FAL - the real deal.

Pics. Would. Help.
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Sounds like it.

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Take a look at the search for GunSouth FAL. Lots of posts there to help you answer your own questions.

This is s recent On-Line Auction of a GunSouth import showing what the value could be.
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Looks like rifle on gun broker and dealer offered me $ 2500.00 Will sell to someone here for $ 3000.00, feel someone here will appreciate this fine rifle. I bought new and have put about 60 rounds thru it. There is nothing wrong with rifle, I would never sell except live in ca. Adult owned and cared for. Inside heated and air conditioned garage inside controlled safe.Extra mag I purchased when i first got rifle along with scope covers and wood stock go with rifle. My son will have to help me post pictures when he gets back monday.
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Fixed stock 50.00 or para w steel lower 50.61 Para w hindinum (aluminum) lower 50.64.

From memory BS book is in storage so...

BTW: razerwire There is a FN FAL you
can own living on california. its called the 50.63 para.. as it does not have "FN FAL or FN MATCH" on receiver as in the Roberti Roos law

Will give more info if your interested in knowing.
Im not selling a FN FAL just letting you know the legal info.

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