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Thoughts on Egyptian Maadi

I scored an Egyptian Maadi recently. It's one imported by CAI, and I got it for a good deal, considering the prices of things nowadays. Paid $630 for it. I realize not too long ago this would have sold for much less, but not anymore. The metal is good, bore looks good, the furniture needs some love. I'm not a big AK guy, never owned one, shot one a few times over the years. I figured I would pick it up since the price seemed reasonable and this might be the last chance to own one. I havent fired it yet but the action and everything else seems to be working properly.

Do any of you guys own this particular model, any thoughts on it?
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I just sold mine to my neighbor. (Owed him cash for remodeling work). I had it for the better part of 20 years. I would drop a tapco trigger in yours. Mine had a trigger snap that bite you ever few years (and it hurt) Other then that, dependable solid AK IMHO. The AK crowd seams to frown on them, but even my wife loved shootin it.
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You did alright.. Hell i just sold a PARS Intl Maadi to a guy for $800
I paid $400 for it before Thanksgiving..
Good rifles !
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I used to have a grungy one that was improperly refinished. The paint or whatever would chip off with a fingernail, leaving a whitish colored scratch where it flaked off. I took a wire brush and knocked off as much of the finish as I could, and it soon had that "Been Knocking Around Afghanistan For the Last 25 Years" look to it.

They're solid shooters and were once the closest to a real Russian that you could get here in the U.S.. Factory 54(or Tent 54 if you remember back that far..) was originally set up by the Soviets in Egypt, who were told 'thanks' by the Egyptians... right before promptly kicking their Russian butts out of the country.

I wish I still had mine.
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I've got a few of them and I like them. Especially the crutch folder. At one time, they were very hard to find.

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