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7.62 x 51 Factory Reloads?

Why is no company in the US stepping into this market? Seems like there would be a demand for it. There are companies producing 5.56 x 45. Couldn't it be manufactured in fairly large quantities and the price still be reasonable? Should we get a bunch of people to e-mail some company and see if they would do a large batch or something? Maybe do a group buy for Files members? Anybody have any connections with munitions company?
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Freedom Munitions might have what you need.
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HSM used to make tons of factory reload ammo. I don't know if they ever did it for 7.62, which they currently make new ammo for.
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Thats how Black Hills Ammo started out, manufacturing reloads.
But I guess their too high class now to mess with that, except in 223.
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Let's face it, 308 isn't cool and sexy right now. If you owned a company making reloads, you probably have a couple Camdexes running. Changing over to make a different caliber is downtime and labor. Sure you make more money on 308s but you also can make a set amount on 223, of which there is the largest demand in the civilian, LE and military markets. So you make 223's 24-7 and take that dime profit on every round you chunk out. Same reason why after the first coronation of Obama that you could not find 380 pistol ammo- it's the same setup as 9mm, and they sold every round of 9mm they could chunk out, so why bother shutting down to make 380s?
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