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Timber Wolf
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Dang, $450 worth of primers!

I just pushed the button on a largish order from Graf’s, $590 all told. $450 of that was 10K Fed Small Pistol Match Primers and 5K Large Pistol Match. I went ahead and tossed in a few pounds of Black Powder and Pyrodex while I was paying the dad-blasted Haz Mat. I am gearing up to shoot my old .38 Special S&W Model 10 PPC DAO gun in NRA Action Pistol and it does not like the CCI SP Primers I usually use. Also the last couple of months I had a few apparent light primer strikes with .45 ACP in my S&W “Model of 1955” (Model 25) while shooting NRA Action and USPSA with it, I hope that the Fed Match primers take care of that issue. All of them went off the second time under the hammer but a dud sure throws you off your game during a stage. I like having lots of primers (and powder, and clean cases, and bullets) around, the powder and primer shortages of a while back are not that distant a memory. I had already laid in a fair bit of powder, dang if I am going to let shortages spoil my shooting fun! Lack of time to reload may slow me a bit though.
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FAL Files Administrator
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I always try to make sure I have enough ammo inventory to carry me through the current season, plus two more.

I figure any more than that, and I'm losing it.

Most of the time I look at the inventory, and I'm well into the "lost it" category anyway.

One of these days I won't be able to afford it and/or store it.

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Old November 16, 2012, 09:22   #3
Timber Wolf
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I agree with your logic in general, more than 2-3 years of inventory is getting out there. I realized earlier this year that I had enough factory ammo to do me the rest of my life and more than enough to pass on to my daughter, even if she continues to shoot as much as I do! What I needed was components for reloading for the bulk of my shooting, so I started laying them in. A few pounds of Titegroup goes a loooonnngggg way loading mouse-fart loads. I shot USPSA fairly hard for over a year and just finished loading the last 2K .40 S&W rounds out of my original 4 lb jug. I am loading 3.5 grains so (7K X 4) / 3.5 = 8K rounds! I have an unopened 8 lb jug on the shelf and am now shooting .38 Special & .45 ACP loaded with Unique for competition so I may have a lifetime supply of Titegroup in that 8 lb jug, but if they have a 4 lb jug at the next gunshow I may lay one in anyway.

While I am pretty bad about hoarding anyway, my FFL buddy is kind of responsible for legitimizing my actions. I was over at his place and commented on his already impressive but still growing personal stash of handloading supplies. His answer was he was just a few years from retirement and wanted to have plenty on hand to carry him through when he would actually have time to load and shoot. I got to thinking about that and decided that not only was I just 10-15 years from retirement myself but I was shooting a lot now and better lay in more components!
First rule of gun fighting: "have a gun!"

"Guns don't kill people. Daddys with good looking daughters do!"
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Old November 22, 2012, 17:01   #4
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After pricing primers locally, I just bought 12K Wolf QQQSR223 primers. Adding in shipping and Hazmat, it's still cheaper by half than what I can get at the LGS. I'm still using LP primers I bought in the '80s and they work fine, so I'm not too concerned with shelf life.
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Old November 22, 2012, 20:39   #5
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I'm with you, my order (showing up tomorrow hopefully) was just north of 300. I used the ammo budget this month to fill in the gaps for reloading in .308 .233 and .45 My problem is when I have components I feel a strong need to make them into cartridges. Somehow evening brass prep can't quash that. My goal right now is to have a bunch of reloads for the summer as incentive to get to the range more! Maybe at some point I'll decide to lay in a stash solely for 'the future'. Seems to me it's hard to go wrong. They won't last forever, but as posted shelf life's better than a lot of stuff in my pantry, and as my 'FAL legitimizer' puts it, "It's not getting any cheaper."
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Old November 22, 2012, 21:47   #6
Don't Tread On Me!
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Maybe it's just me but I find $450 worth of primers strangely comforting!
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Old November 30, 2012, 10:23   #7
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Over $700 at Wideners last month. I still need more.
I bought LC 223 brass from member Longue Carbine. His prepped
brass is excellent. Under $200 shipped for 2500.
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Old December 30, 2012, 02:37   #8
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I bet all you big spenders are happy now !!

Now a days you would be lucky to even find some in stock.
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Old December 31, 2012, 05:41   #9
evan price
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Not bad for a largest primer order was over $4000 after the 2008election. And that was just primers- no powder.
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