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New Mexico changes its recognition

From the Virginia Citizens Defense League (
I have just learned, with confirmation from the Virginia State Police, that New Mexico is NO LONGER RECOGNIZING Virginia CHPs because we don't require range time. We never have, odd that they are just now figuring that out. Perhaps they had a change in their law somewhere down the line.
New Mexico does NOT honor Florida or Utah non-resident permits, either.
Here are your options:
1. Open carry
2. In your vehicle you can have a concealed handgun. New Mexico views your vehicle as an extension of your home.
Virginia continues on the highroad, honoring New Mexico permits.
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too many dmocrats here, maybe someday our idiots in charge will follow arizonas lead, but i doubt it. the range shooting is usually exciting, guys & gals pointin guns at me, can't load their gun, can't hit the target, shakin so bad like a spastic fit, entertaining.
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That is sad. But look for more Blue states to revoke reciprocity with Red states. The only reason the states recognize each others drivers licenses is the proven safety records of licensed drivers. But after 20 some odd years of proven safety records with guns it's somehow Different.

Just saying.

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Just another reason to exclude NM from my vacation list.

The other would be my POS dad.
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