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That knife might be a non.catalog version of a 15...

The stock 15 is one of the thickest blade stock, full tang knives they make,,,heaviest duty survival combat style.
It normally has finger grooves, an ovel full thickness guard and saw teeth on the back.
It was designed to chop yourself out of a downed aircraft...Ive one among the 15 or so RMK's in the collection.

The fact is it's one of the heavy clubs of the RMK line..substantial heavier than a standard #1 fighting knife with the stock 7" (or 2" more) blade length. And those heavy clubs are a world apart in feel from one of the fighting designed RMK's...too say nothing about the smaller more concealable sized versions of those fighting designs.
I love all RMK's, but thats just a fact,,,sorry if you thought I was disparaging your choice...

Cheers, yv
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