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Might as well build or buy an SBR or pistol. You get 95% of the possible velocity by 10.5" of barrel, so unless you have to build a rifle in your area it's more of a wasted weight to carry around.

My 10.5' with a Bergara barrel is managing less than 2moa, which for the effective range of the round is plenty good enough. You'll only want to hunt to maybe 300yds with one, so 2moa at 300yds works out to about a 6" circle. Considering mine was built with swine of the 2 and 4 legged variety in mind 2moa was plenty good. Heck I haven't even worked up a real accurate load yet. Maybe someday, but as long as the pigs keep dropping I'll keep things the way they are.

FYI I've built an a SanTan ambi receiver, running an Adams Arms lightened piston kit, with an RDS and a swing-away 6x. Since it's legally a pistol I just use a crutch foot on the back of my buffer tube. Recoil is light and that works just fine. Makes for a really nice compact (25") , light (~6bls) package that hits with authority inside 200yds.

One last thing... if you reload the BO brass is easily converted from 5.56/.223. What I do is inspect my 5.56 brass for any neck splitting or damage, and if it is it gets converted. Waste not want not.
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