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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
even if the P38 was a last ditch 45' rendition of the P38 ?

Not me...

By 44' QC was already going to hell in axis factories

I'd agree with you on early AC or BYF P38s but that's about as far as I would take it.
I'd wager over the years we had several hundred P38s pass through our hands, maybe a hundred Parabellums and we ran a mag through most of them so yeah I have plenty of experience with WWII German sidearms

Gets even worse when you include the thousands of reworks of both P08s and P38s imported out of the Russias after the fall of the USSR. The Parabellums didn't respond well to Soviet era rebuilding at all

My AC45 P38 (top) has had thousands of rounds through it in E. German service and my service. Not one problem.

German weapons made during the last 6 months of the war may have had a crude exterior finish but they were still quality inside.

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