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Originally Posted by hansellhd View Post
I agree about the COOL factor however if my life depended on it the P38 would be my pick all day long.
Agree there. I wouldn't want to go to war with either one of these pistols, but I was assuming we were talking about as we would use them on a daily basis; as a curio and relic. in other words, a fun shooter.
The P.08 is a work of art. It's a typical early 20th Century German engineering masterpiece. What John Moses Browning accomplished in 30 production line parts, Georg Luger accomplished in 200 precision machined parts.

The P.38/P.1, to me is OK, just not my favorite pistol. Yes, the sights are a huge improvement over the P.08, but we're comparing apples to oranges.. They're different generation pistols.
The P.226 is a huge improvement over the P.38, because they're products of different generations....

If I had to go to war today, I'd go with a P.226 or a Cz.75, not any of the older stuff....
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