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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
Most of the "issues" with Parabellum reliability is due to weak American loads that were all that used to be available for 9mm Para.
The thing is the P08 toggle action is one of the strongest designs that has ever been put out on a pistol, it will eat away at pressures that will destroy a P38 or even FN P35 Hi Power.

This is even more true when you are running an Artillery model Parabellum do to the greater kenetic mass.

Prior to the P1 variant which used and enclosed slide the original P38s had a dust cover on the slide which were notorious for blowing off resulting in the loss of both firing pin and loaded shell indicator
Think I went through that drama three times with different war time P38s

The later P1 variant went to a solid topped slide on an alloy frame that was prone to cracking, yes I have seen broken ones and I have yet to see a Parabellum with a busted frame or barrel extension.
No, the addition of the steel locking lug didn't fix the problem either.

Advantages to the P38 ?
Well sights are arguably superior unless you compare to a Naval or Artillery model P08
Not a huge fan of DA autos but the P38 does have an external hammer.
Never trusted the decocker, been ADs due to failure and fatigue on war time guns.
Trigger is generally better on a P38 due to the crazy design of the P08s linkage.

Another factor to throw out there in favor of the P08 is both the Naval and Artillery models with shoulder stocks have been removed from NFA regulation and there is the 32 rd Snail drum as well.

Years ago Navy Arms brought in a batch of Czech 9mm ball that was designed for their SMgs. As such it was way over pressure, was busting up Hi Powers, P38s, etc left and right to the point Navy did a recall on it finally. We had a pile of it, our Artillery ate that crap right up
The Walther P4 has the enclosed slide. All P1 and P.38 pistols use a dust cover on the slide top.
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