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I own both, a numbers matching original 90% original finish BYF42, a shooter Frankenluger, and a couple of very late production P1s. The P1 was one of that brand new unfired batch that sold a couple years back on GB. I kept one in cosmoline, and one is now a shooter.

The Luger is far and away my favorite auto pistol to shoot. To me, it's perfectly balanced, it points naturally, and with the original, the trigger is oh so incredibly sweet. The Luger drawback? The empties fall down the back of my collar.

The P1 is nice. It's competent, nothing outstanding, just good.

They're both iconic, the Luger especially attracts a crowd, and you can spend all day explaining how the Luger was not Hitler's pistol and how he hated it, but in fact the P-38 was his favorite...
" .... basically you'd have to take them head-on, penetrating 4-6 'yotas per round, to avoid wasting ammo." - Enquiring Minds 11/15/15
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