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They are getting ready to pass this... I didn't know that ex-girlfriends can now weigh in on one's "well-being" and have your guns taken away for a year:

Massachusetts lawmakers are on course to strengthen the state’s already strict gun control laws by giving courts the authority to strip weapons from risky individuals who have been identified by their families as a danger to themselves or others.

The state House of Representatives is poised Wednesday to pass a bill that would allow family members, roommates, and current and former romantic partners to petition a court to take away a gun owner’s weapons. Those firearms would be confiscated for a year if the court finds the person poses a risk.

The legislation is moving forward amid a drumbeat of mass shootings nationally and little movement on gun control in Congress. Eight states have enacted so-called red flag laws, though all differ in their specifics.

In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker and the Senate president have not weighed in on the granular legislative language, but both support the concept of the bill.
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