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I have a PTR 91 with a 16 inch bull barrel and a Century C308 with a 18 inch barrel basically a Cetme. Funny thing is they have been solid performers. The C308 is not as accurate as the ptr but neither have had a hickup. Now for the funny part I have a 1982 HK German 91 and it has been rather hit or miss... I have had rare FTF as well as extractor issues. Probably all do to my bad luck , the HK just doesn't like me. I also have a claw mount with has never fit on the PTR. But fits on the HK of course and fits (although not well ) on the C308.

One of my dream rifles since the dawn of time has been the HK PSG-1. It was around 9 thousand back when I first heard of them. Now I would probably cringe at the cost.

Anyway enjoy the PTR! I honestly feel they are about as close to a HK you can get without paying the price and their quality is really dead on.. And they are good people!
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