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Updated OP with Chargemaster

Also on WEG's insistance, added re-sized case check with Dillion case gauges.

I did not like wasting time weighing powder for precision loading, so Cartmann plunked down dinero for a RCBS Chargemaster. This Chargemaster is a must have, gets the precise load about 90% of the time. Every once in awhile it will be about .1 grain too high because it trickled too much. .1 grains is good enough for most people, but if not, then just pour the powder back in the dispenser and put tray back on. The Chargemaster will automatically fill the tray each time an empty tray is placed on the unit. It takes about 10 seconds for the Chargemaster to fill the tray with 44 grains, which is faster than I can prime a case and seat a bullet. I have no idea how I even got by without the Chargemaster.

Dillon case gauges to check if your re-sized cases are in spec. .308 and .223.
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