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I have the Coleman white gas lantern that blew up in my fathers hand showering him with burning and yet to burn fuel. Were over two hours from closest hospital and four to closest with burn unit. 40% of his body had even mix of second and third degree burns. I use a lot of white gas stoves mountaineering but know people who have been hurt bad a long way from help and know of two (not personally but know friends of theirs) who died due to exploding white gas stoves. White gas devices have to build a lot of pressure before operate correctly. Like carbide headlamps are things we keep because we have but use better and safer technology. Buy a pair of rebuild kits and a couple dozen mantles just in case. If world has gone totally to sh!te and only way to make light is the old lanterns then fix them then, if do so now and test run seals will be dried and cracked by time need.

I have almost every propane Coleman stove, grill, lantern, space heaters and doubles or more in all. Buy the hose kits that allow hooking to full size propane bottle and can run a half dozen devices at same time off a big bottle and propane stores forever. In addition to my 1,000 and 500 gallon buried tanks have a couple 100 pound cylinders and a few standard cylinders. I would set myself up with a full propane kit for long term but use use batteries and LED's for light. LED and battery technology has advanced so much it just makes sense for most circumstances. Use rechargeable batteries and add some solar chargers your a long term survivalist. That said keep all your old stuff, rebuild kits and extra parts, the triple technology approach is almost fail proof. If have carbide lights stock up on lots of consumables as carbide is handy to have if don't blow yourself up.
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