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Originally Posted by Parga View Post
Hopefully in the next week or so I'll be making a few mag catch inserts that will hold the mag but will be flush with the receiver and immobile. I while back I experimented with some mag catches by silver soldering a block to the back portion then fitting to the receiver. Mag is locked and can only be removed by removing the BHO/mag catch screw. Loading is facilitated by either stripper clip top cover or by breaking action open and removing top cover and bolt group

Really excited to see what you are working on Parga - we need a compliance device here behind the iron kurtain in a big way!

Based on your above description and my understanding of the new AW definition, one issue I see is that if the mag catch/BHO screw can be removed with the action closed (thus allowing the modified magazine catch to release the magazine with the action closed) then it will still be an Assault Weapon in the eyes of the DOJ. In a nutshell you are using a tool (to remove parts) to remove the magazine with the action closed = not really all that different than the current FAL 'bullet buttons' we have to use. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your description?
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