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Originally Posted by nvcdl View Post
You attract what you fear
If that were true would have spent my life working in a cubicle. I do not fear being shot and especially do not fear dying. Spent majority of my life climbing cliffs, frozen waterfalls and high altitude mountains without ropes as much as roped with partners and teams. Highly preferred climbing unroped due to freedom of being alone with entire mind and body fully concentration on task at hand. Enjoyed back country skiing and skiing off some of the mountains I climbed as well with some of my ski descents being first person to attempt or attempt and survive in the Andes.

Made mistake of taking a new set of boots and skis right off the production line with request to somehow get pictures for their advertising department. Launched off an 18,000 foot acclimatization peak and when went to make first turn they would not sit on their edge and turn. The boots had a special hinge that allowed them to flex when climbing and was supposed to lock them up stiff like a standard ski boot which the mechanism had packed with snow that melted while climbing and refroze while ate lunch and took pictures on summit. Locked hinges, locked boots into bindings and launched with a group climbing a lower and easier peak next to me taking pictures. No matter how much force I tried to transfer into skis the boots just flexed and skis kept tracking down the glacier toward a 2,000 foot cliff. Finally had to throw myself down and lay on pick of ice axe in emergency self arrest which axe pick finally found some hard enough snow to get a bite and stop me 200 feet from edge of cliff. Climbed back to summit, taped up boots with duct tape and launched again. Didn't work much better but did work good enough the photographer on team watching got two shots that company was able to use.

Been in the biggest shooting gallery on planet for rockfall which is first 500 to 800 feet of North Face of the Eiger. Never feared being shot but am always prepared for the possibility, try to mitigate chances of it happening and if does be prepared to treat myself till medical help arrives. Have had guns pointed at me three times in about three years doing my job working on side of road with each event being an elderly Alzheimer's or demensia patient left unsupervised in house with loaded gun. Now I know why there are certain questions on a 4473 and why doctors can inform law enforcement if know you own firearms and may be a threat to yourself or others. Hope it never happens but if my ability to discern reality from imagination hope someone locks up my guns in manner can't get to them and forget where the emergency stashes are hidden.

How can fear, which I have awareness of current threats, not paranoia or fear cause some guy from North Metro area to drive to highway am about to be on in about a half hour after finish this post and fire 17 rounds into 7 cars hitting two people one of which is a friend about 5 to 10 minutes after I go through same intersection? How can my trying to be prepared for chance of being victim in shooting which are daily events cause three people to be found dead of gunshof wounds within site of my daily commute past week plus two killed in road rage incident 3 miles from house on way to work? In my opinion it justifies my concern and desire to take steps to limit danger and amount of bodily injury if in wrong place at wrong time. Last week there were two road rage incidents resulting in shootings on road I have concern about and many more in other areas around Metro Atlanta. Wife and I watched two vehicles Friday on our way to Atlanta swapping paint and sideswiping each other likely over nothing. A decade ago had little to no concerns about this issue but seems like number of events are doubling every year over past decade till it's something if don't take seriously it's like having a swimming pool in back yard and not teaching your kids to swim. Are we supposed to just keep going up and down the road not recognizing threat level has gone way up requiring a new level of awareness and possibly increasing the protection you vehicle is capable of? Seat belt and air bag technology has improved significantly why not look at ballistic capabilities, Ford is about to release a new ballistic protection level of police cars, bet that morphs into consumer line as well. Mercedes has been doing it for decades. I feel it's time to put my wife behind ballistic glass if can make it fiscally possible.
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