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Might rather be shot than take the beating that thing would dish out driving to Atlanta and back. Don't even like the ride in a military Hummer with light armor package as one of my clients has two. When have bad backs and brittle bones ride quality is important as well. Cut a piece of ballistic abrasion resistant polycarbonate in 3/4" thickness that reaches side to side in bed of truck and almost to full head height and have clamped inside of campershell of wife's truck against the bed and inside of campershell right at cab. Loose about one inch of cargo room and will stop most all handguns including special threat rounds.

With Kevlar panels from police cruiser in her doors as well if we get low real fast have some protection though not figured out how to armor the rear "quad cab" doors yet and still leaves side glass and windshield totally unprotected which seen small gravel from truck tires spider web windshield. Been paying attention and their is basically a random shooting on metro Atlanta roads almost daily now. Many are road rage, some domestic and like today many are just random. World is going sideways and looks like S has already HTF. May as well drive a vehicle that's prepared for it and know know why so many used armored Mercedes come up for sale in metro ATL area now.
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