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Originally Posted by moonbat60 View Post
I have several handguns myself in 9mm: Browning and Argy HiPower, Springfield XD service .40/9mm, SIG226 and the Glock 17 Gen4, so there is no real shortage.

The most used one of that bunch is the Argy HiPower, an M95 classic fullsize, Mk3. That thing has got well over 7,000 rounds through it and is still doing a fine job with all bullet weights.

I plan on doing some testing with different ammo. I plan on buying a box of each 115gr, 124gr and 147gr FMJ, and using 3 targets at distances of 5, 10, 15 and 20yds.

Each target will get 10 rounds each at each distance.
That Argy HP semi clone is something nice, got one myself, damn fine under the radar pistol, dead accurate and reliable.
Kick myself for not picking up the short top half when available.

You'll get it figured out.
A five inch @25 line is still plenty good enough, if dead reliable, with with no further bad habits.
Unless you're shooting at the wee little people wearing tiny green suits, with them, go center mass, empty magazine, then run for your life before they caste a bad spell on ya and steal your gold!!!!!
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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