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2005 Mercedes S430 4Matic with Armor Package

Wife and I are going to look at a 2005 Mercedes S430 with all wheel drive and armor package in next few days. Has been a commuter vehicle for an executive travelling into Atlanta for 12 years. Has 285,000 miles, good service records all from Mercedes dealer, interior looks new except divers seat is rough. Passenger and rear seats look like never been sat in. Exterior has good paint, no damage and clean carfax. Owner has a 2015 armored Benz and says it's mostly sat past three years except to drive when his new car is in for service or going somewhere worried about attempted break in of vandelism.

Options include bullet resistant glass (rated to burst from 9mm submachine gun), doors, firewall, panel behind rear seat, floorboards and fuel cell rated NIJ 3a and German Grenade under car. Has full air ride, V-8 gas engine, decent set of Michelin tires with run flat tires plus hard rubber donut in wheel where car will still move with tire totally shredded off wheel. Owner says AC blows cold, all electronics work and can take to mechanic of choice for a preflight.

We would only use for trips into the city going to doctors and such that currently do with wife's truck that gets very little mileage these days. Will be splitting up miles between the two and thus would likely last us forever. Our other option right now is a Ford Crown Victoria from local P.D. painted from black & white to black with police interceptor suspension and drive train package, push bar, flashing white LED lights still in grill and all marker lights, rear protective screen removed and interior from a passenger car swapped in, ballistic package in doors but not windows and run flat tires. Has 335,000 and transmission rebuilt 60,000 miles ago.

Do not mind high mileage vehicles with good service records. Truck I drive most days has 315,000 miles, another with 335,000, bucket truck has 295,000 miles and wifes truck is over a quarter million now. All would not hesitate to drive coast to coast except the big Topkick with Caterpillar 3116. The windows in the Mercedes give it a big edge as does the all wheel drive and air ride but the price reflects it but still not overly expensive as people are scared of high mileage cars. Anyone know much about the V8 gas engine in these Mercedes and durability of the air ride? Little as going to drive it not really worried and if lasts a decade will be able to recoup price at the scrap yard. Seems like the ultimate sleeper zombie car. Wife likes the idea a lot.
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