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Ya know that I was just jerking your chain a bit, but "arched" Mainspring Housings don't work for me and I have replaced collet bushings after having one lock up a friends Colt at the range one day. Not a big deal, but with no tools to get the jammed slide off, it wasted my friend's range trip with his newly acquired used 1911 and he shot up all my Browning HP ammo.

I'm all in favor of many new innovations that we see on "Old Slabsides" these days, lowered ejection port, better sights, longer trigger, beveled mag well, throated barrels and Beavertail grip safeties with raised pad. Still undecided on Full Length Recoil Guide Rods, have used both the old and new with little trouble from either.
I don't have much use for front Slide serrations, would rather have them on the Front Grip Strap. Also don't care for extended Thumb Safeties or Slide releases.
That's the great thing about today's 1911, everyone can "have it their way".

"Kinda my point. I do agree it wasn't needed, and I would bet it gets phased out.
The main reason people don't like the Series 80 pistol is because of apparent bad triggers, or people can't "tune" these pistols. Not's internet BS."

I well remember the howls of protest and gnashing of teeth with the Series 80 when it came out. It did seem that there must be something wrong according to the 1911 fans. At the time I was not in a position to acquire anything with Colt on it unless it was used and cheap. I started reading about how to do a trigger job or remove the 80's parts to "improve" the crappy new Colt, but it was a long time before I came up with enough dollars to join the new gun crowd.
Now, I wonder what all the uproar was about.

A kind gentleman allowed me to run several mags thru his custom built C&S Colt Commander back in the 90's. Damn fine pistol.
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