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For all the 80 series haters......why do you hate them?

I want to hear your reasons for hating 80 series 1911's. If your only answer is it can be a pain to reassemble, I get that and agree. But it in NO way effects operation of the pistol.
If your reason is people say you can't get a good trigger pull with a series 80, then you don't know how to tune a 1911.

Before you answer, let me tell you I'm a 1911 pistolsmith, trained by Bill Laughridge at Cylinder & Slide, so no BS. I'll see right through it.

The reason for my post is maybe I can convince you that just because a 1911 is series 80 doesn't mean it isn't a good choice. I own probably 20-some 1911's and some are 80 series. I can guarantee if I were to hand one after another to you and let you fire them, you could NOT tell which was which.
In fact, two of my 1911's are 70 series National Match pistols that have never been touched inside...never tuned, and my series 80 pistols have MUCH better trigger pulls then they have.
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