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I hope it's the real deal for ya, man. I have a real weakness for Lugers.

Personally, I always question these supposed 'ultra rare' guns that suddenly pop up out of nowhere. I know they occasionally do, but yeah, most often, they're homemade.

I remember back in the day when the whole "Black Widow" schtik was foisted on American collectors by some enterprising and quick thinking resellers.
Yeah it was a scam, but dangit, it was brilliant. They took average wartime production guns and for awhile turned them into serious moneymakers. Just add black handgrips.

Me, I just like nice, untouched original numbers matching guns, Run of the Mill 42 BYF or a mid 30s Civvy with decent straw is fine by me, as long as they're original. Just put 'em up, and their better than a 401K.
They ain't making any more of them, and they've got serious public recognition and demand. The three things that guarantee good ROI.
" .... basically you'd have to take them head-on, penetrating 4-6 'yotas per round, to avoid wasting ammo." - Enquiring Minds 11/15/15
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