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Originally Posted by yovinny View Post
Spam canned and not commercial packed Chinese I would treat as HIGHLY corrosive...
Personally, i wont deal with corrosive in much of anything and in a semi especially, so I would just salvage the bullets for reloading, but ymmv
I have a gazillion rounds of steel core corrosive primed steel case 7.6239 stockpiled and will stay stockpiled until the zombie hoards appear. In proper rifle corrosive is no big deal if clean it well after shooting. Treat rifle like an old black powder smoke pole and it won't be damaged shooting corrosive unless you have to lay in a ditch running mag dumps for a week. I would not shoot any steel in an FAL or semiauto personally and my bolt guns are too nice to run ammo that is corrosive primed with steel jacketed bullets down bore. Would still buy it if super cheap and add to the pile of "beats no ammo" when all the good stuff runs dry.
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