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Chinese 7.62X51--Any Experience? UPdate w/Photos

Have an opportunity to buy some "Chinese 7.62X51 made for Jordan" at a nickel a round. Still waiting on other details, that is all I know.
Anyone heard of this and have any idea on quality?
This is part of an estate, likely been sitting in storage for awhile.

Update: We have Chinese and some Arabic stuff. Need ID on the Arabic.
Here is the Arabic (bullet does not attract a magnet):







And this is the Chinese (bullet attracts a magnet-very strong pull):



The Chinese is in span cans, two cans in a case, something like 1050 rounds in each case.

So there is about 2k of the Chinese and about 1k of the Arabic. I told them I would take it all. Hopefully the Arabic stuff is not the bad Syrian but if it is I will pull it down. These samples are all I have at this time.
So---what do I have?
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