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These are one of the two models that arrived. Have a total of 70 name brand LED's and can remove two sections to use as flashlights or direct lighting. If put lantern in middle of dark room is bright, if have areas of room need more light due to shadowing or distance can pull one or both the removable sections from them and position to illuminate exactly where need more light. Bell & Howell Super Torch 70-LED Lantern. Come in different colors and wanted the green, black or grey but the blue were on sale $3 less per unit than the colors I preferred.

The standard units "as seen on t.v." have a total of 30 LED's and so more than double the LED's and being the same chip set then more than double the light. Can burn all, just two built into lantern, two in lantern and one of the removables, just the removeables or just one removable. That's a lot of different combos.

When ordered the sale ad pictured a unit that looked more like the t.v. models but blue though when opened boxes to find these was able to find correct information. When buying super specials for Amazon Prime members that are one day only or clearance of a particular color, model etc have had items that picture in ad was wrong more than once. Imagine trying to keep all the pictures on Amazon correct with 1,000 items per second changing prices or being added.

The other model purchased at $19 "each" turned out to be the standard t.v. TacLight Deluxe but two per pack making the $8.50 each and are a graphite grey color. Just set them up in my ham shack at work and the 70 LED models will smoke your corneas. Already have the light meter pulled from the meter chest and when get time over the weekend going to test a variety of lights and lanterns including propane and maybe carbide.

Having so much test equipment is great but sometimes overwhelms me if want to do something simple as feel need to use the proper tool or meter to test since have spent so much money on all this crap. That meter came from this cabinet which holds nothing but odds and ends test equipment.

There are more drawers of the stuff in that one and the cabinet below is nothing but HVAC and indoor air quality test equipment.

And we always have the work ham shack with its own test equipment for electrical, R.F., oscilloscopes, function generators, and some stuff I can only use if have someone on other end of a phone call or radio contact telling me where to turn the knob, what buttons to push them tell them my reading and they tell me what it all means.

Even worse are the chests of torque wrenches, measuring devices for all the machine shop equipment and redundant spares of most of this at home since have an even better shack at home and all my SHTF repair and test equipment in Faraday boxes in the Faraday caged room of the basement. Have enough LED's (part of my business is LED message centers like see in front of shopping centers, churches and schools these days) to build signs that cover the front of an entire strip mall to little units for repairing lights in radio equipment and more. Have enough resistors, capacitors, bread boards, project enclosures, test equipment and other parts in Faraday protected storage to probably repair every major electrical system we own. Not only do I have all the schematics for our HVAC, refrigerator, generators, radios and een televisions and such on protected electronic storage media have hard copy paper prints put back. If the halo ground and Faraday caged generator room doesn't protect every circuit in our generators post EMP I plan to be able to figure out what is fried and have the parts to fix it.

And to back all the LED lights up, the propane lanterns and candles have enough old fashioned oil lamps to place on or two in every room of the house. Have quart and gallon containers of lamp oil and several hundred wicks inside and in shed have two five gallon buckets of lamp oil. If my solar panels fry have the parts to fix them stored back and even have solar battery chargers and rechargeable batteries plus flashlights in Faraday boxes. We will make light when its dark, electricity when the grid is down and except for Uncle Sugar may be one of the last people on the planet to run out of ammunition. Actually from what I see average field grunt do on t.v. clips their round management skills are kind of poor so I may have ammo when Uncle Sugar runs out.

Watch a lot of the shows about Afghanistan and now historical shows about Iraq and watching guys hunkered behind a wall and sticking their M4 over the wall one handed and letting un-aimed mag dumps fly just because one or two sniper rounds came into their post worries me. Sometimes have seen our guys fire thousands of rounds over the walls just because one round came in their forward base. Watched one show where guys were launching those shoulder fired wire guided missiles randomly at a hillside because they thought the ISIS sniper was in that area. He fired one round and we sent a half million dollars in missiles randomly into a group of rocks then the patrol that went out to check out the hill found boot tracks from two men and two spent shell casings. ISIS fighters slipped up behind a rock, fired a round, waited five minutes fired a second then left. Between mag dumps, belt fed machine-gun fire, missiles, attack helicopters and close air support fighters called in Uncle Sugar spent a few million dollars over two random shots fired that didn't even hit anything or anyone. I am conserving my batteries and lights as just as important as medicine and ammo. Redundant back ups as well going all the way back to candles if need be.
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