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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Streamlight looks nice, 600 lumens should make a lot of light. Did a lot of digging last night and ordered two of the Bell & Howell 1475's from Amazon at 19.50 each with free shipping.

Only complaints could find by reviewers is no lumen figure given. Otherwise all gave it good reviews. Found where maker gave 300 lumen output on base model and say this model is twice as bright. If their twice as bright math is same as mine then should be near 600 but will see but at $20 each figured worth the gamble. Reviewers did recommend not leaving submerged for "long" periods of time.
I bought four of those last year, for a lot less than $20 each. I think all four were something like $25. They even came with batteries. I used them last Friday when the power went out. They work great. I highly recommend them. Shop around.
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