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Not laughing as been at least a dozen mornings at 4:00 am when have already been up so long the Bible study and prayer time is over and check the morning news. As the commerials hawk their indoor grilling, deep frying without oil, ninja juice extractor, etc see the Bell & Howell lantern being chipped out of ice (they don't drop it in boiling oil lIke the flashlight, dropping and running over with a Humvee have been close to popping on a couple to try.

Went to bed at 11:45, it's now 2:02 am and wide awake laying silly with BiPap ASV running hoping for another nap but believe am totally done with sleep at just past the two hour mark. This morning may be the day I order them to try. Have picked up a few from Wallyworld and have worked well so far, brands such as Coleman Personal 190 lumen at $16 and their Divide+ at $20 plus an Ozark Trail and some neon green monster, trying to find best units to use when work outside after dark plus discrete units that just light area needed.

Went to Wallyworld online site as use more than store now, though not purchased lanterns, but free shipping and no sales tax on out of state purchases saves me money and hassle of going in the place unless need a quick bulk pack of handgun ammo to make once fired brass from. Just cruised over and they have the Bell & Howell direct from Wallyworld in four models from $14 to $26 so going to read the specs and order the two most promising varients to test then may throw down on some. The Tac light entry model at $15 and the Tac Light 1445 at $26 with name brand LED chips and more functions. Once find units like the best will stack a few up as wife and I like to keep load on generator low as possible for reserve when high amp device with major start up watts kick in.
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